PID wrapper for the external project called cppadd. This project provides an implementation of process known as automatic differentiation: the automatic creation of an algorithm that computes derivative values from an algorithm that computes function values.

General Information


External package wrapper manager: Robin Passama ( - CNRS/LIRMM

Authors of this package:

  • Robin Passama - CNRS/LIRMM


The license of cppad PID wrapper is : GNUGPL. It applies to the whole wrapper content BUT DOES NOT APPLY to the content coming from the cppad original project. For more details see license file.

The content of the original project cppad has its own licenses: Eclipse Public License Version 2.0., GNU General Public License version 2.0 or more. More information can be found at


Current version (for which this documentation has been generated) : 20200000.3.0.


This package belongs to following categories defined in PID workspace:

  • programming/math



  • eigen: exact version 3.3.8, exact version 3.3.7, exact version 3.3.4, exact version 3.2.9, exact version 3.2.0.